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Web Developer

Adm In Moldova

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Web Developer

We will not list the skills you need to possess, nor will we tell you what degree you have to have. We did our homework and found out there are a large number of excellent developers who don’t have any formal qualifications. We are well aware that more of the skills can be self-taught, so, if you know a programming language and have at least some experience with database management, there’s nothing stopping you from sending us your CV on jobs@admin-me.com. 
A real problem solver! Preferably creative, detail oriented, with analytical skills, an eye for design and an Intermediate or higher level of English.
He knows all of the tags and what their purposes are. He understands how selectors works. It is not that big of a deal for him to wire up JS events, as well as to manipulate the DOM using JavaScript. He knows how to write manual SQL for basic CRUD queries (INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE) and is able to do JOINs and filter queries with row limiting and WHERE clauses.

  • PHP (Intermediate or Upper Intermediate Level)
  • js + Express / Koa + modules development with JavaScript
  • Source control management with Git
  • HTLM5 + CSS3

*Will be highly appreciated knowledge of:

  • React + libraries and modules (Redux etc.) 

If you got excited about this job position, please, send us your CV to
jobs@admin-me.com and come to your first interview to clear up all the details of this position, like: work conditions, salary, social packages etc. If we’ll be on the same page in this matter, you’re going to be invited on a second interview where it’s going to be clear for both of the parties if namely you are that missing colleague we were looking for.
As an Adm In Moldova employee, we’ll expect you to be ready to learn, anticipate needs, set and achieve goals, take initiative, show rather than tell and participate at our team-buildingsmovie nights and corporate parties as soon as possible.

Adm In Moldova

О компании

Adm In Moldova (www.admin-me.com) is handling back office tasks for international customers. Founded in 2010, the company is providing accounting, payroll and HR administration services for businesses in key European countries such as Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, ...

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  • График работы: Full time

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