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Data publicării: 12.01.2020

We are looking for an enthusiastic person that can be of assistance in our electronic trade business.


This is a full-time job and you will be working from the comfort of your home. You need to have a good computer and a good internet connection.


Job Responsibilities

-Main responsibility revolves around will be in charge of replying to customer queries,  monitoring the customer feedback and trying to improve the customer satisfaction

-A professional approach in answering emails and providing information about products and services, taking input of issues and their redressal thereof.

-Plusivo and Amazon Email Support.

-Using spreadsheets to create reports.


Your activity will include writing product descriptions, promoting products and interacting with international customers. This job also includes assisting on other tasks such as handling customer inquiries, solving disputes, updating product information, taking care to establish good customer relationships etc.


Any of the following skills represents an advantage:

-Sales & Marketing

-Graphic Design & Photo Editing

-Electronics / IT

-Literate on Basic Computer Softwares (Microsoft Office, Notepad, Paint, etc..)



-Competitive Salary.

-Dynamic entrepreneurial company, young, diverse and open-minded team.

-Very flexible schedule.

-Initiative and open expression of ideas is appreciated.

-Interaction with the academic environment, offering the possibility to accumulate new knowledge.

-The possibility to collaborate and interact with foreign partners (from Romania and China).

-The possibility to receive bonuses as percent of the company's income.

-Career Growth


Websites belonging to our business group and partners:


Send your application (in English) at along with your Skype ID. 

Finish this test within 5 minutes only and mention what score you obtained:


All applications without test results will be rejected.




Despre companie

The Plusivo Group focuses on the electronic trade business. Our main markets are Romania, USA and Jordan but we also have teams in China, Jordan and the Philippines. Your duties as employees would include listing products on the company website, ...

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