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Electrician. Vacancy description in Sweden.


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Data publicării: 22.05.2019

Vacancy description in Sweden.

1. Position: electrician

2. Age limit: 55

3. Amount of people needed: permanent demand

4. Work start time: already needed

5. Working period: permanent employment

6. Work schedule: 12 weeks in Sweden, 2-3 at home. If different than tickets not covered.

7. Wokr location: Sweden, mostly Stockholm area

8. Work description: Astorfi AB is an electrical company doing electrical works on living and administrative buildings construction sites.

9. Accomodation: paid by employer, usually it is rented apartments in good condition, maximum 2 persons in room, very rare 3 persons in bigger room. Kitchen, shower - all included. Sometimes it is hotels or guest houses if we go to some object far. Accomodation is choosen closer as possible to work, usuallyteams have company car to travel to work and back.

10. Trip tickets: with working schedule 12 weeks in Sweden, 2-3 at home the trip tickets are paid by employer both ways.

11. Salary and testing period: 9-12 EUR netto for testing period which will last 4 months, after possible up to 12.

 We can start from 9, 10, 11 or 12 eur per hour, all depend from candidate´s skills and how he act in interview. We search candidates for long therm cooperation and statistic shows that 4 months is the period which will show us who the candidate really is and what are his plans for working in our company. After 4 month we speak again about salary rising possibilities. Also if for example even in 1 or 1,5 months we see the employee is working independently without problems, than we also can negotiate about salary rase. 

12. Conditions: Tools and working clothes for company’s account

13. Language skills:

- medium english is required on the level of speaking and understanding

- if the preson do not speak english but we see that he is a good spesialist, we can take him and put to team where some other electrician speaks english, in this case one of the following languages are required – russian, polish, romanian, latvian, lithuanian or estonian. Each case separately.

- Swedish speaking candidates are in priority. About them we speak separately, we interview them in the 1st place

14. Work hours: optimal schedule is 200 h/month. More is also possible. For those who want to work 12 h/day for 6-7 days a week, at first we must see that he can manage it and not be exhausted so the work will be done properly. Overtime is paid as usual rate.

15. Medical insurance: workers are insured

16. Extra costs: SSG safety card is required. This will be paid by employee and valid for 5 years. The card is personal and will stay at employee for all time. Cost around 100-150 EUR, will be taken from salary, by parts if needed


Despre companie

The working sites are located in UK, Ireland and Netherlands. The work is provided in agricultural/ hotel/catering/industrial spheres. The Language skills requirements differ from the vacancy, sometimes it’s required to know English, sometimes it’s not necessary. The accommodation is provided by ...

Locație job

  • Studii: Masterat
  • Experiență: 1 - 3 ani
  • Salariu: 10000 - 12000 lei
  • Program de lucru: Full-time

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