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    InnerSquare is a specialist recruiting firm, founded in 2011 in London. The company works with the leading management consultancies and technology firms in London and Paris, and is currently seeking a Recruitment Assistant. This is a full-time position based in Chisinau.

    The Role:
    Recruiter Assistant (RA) will support the resourcing process for all the positions open in London and Paris, received from the leading management consultancies and technology firms, clients of InnerSquare. RA will also handle a variety of recruitment related administrative duties. This is a full time, contract position, the RA being hired respecting the local, Moldovan legislation.

    - Respond to interested candidates and schedule an initial call;
    - Organize interviews with selected candidates and send interview reminders;
    - Contacting candidates for updates on the recruitment process;
    - Create and update entries in the database of candidates;
    - Manage all the information in a professional database;
    - Be in charge of other occasional tasks supporting the London-based team.

    - Bachelor or Master Degree;
    - Fluency in English (written and spoken) and French (written);
    - At least one year of experience working in an administrative environment;
    - Experience of working in an international environment;
    - Great attention to details and organizational skills;
    - Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment;
    - Proficient computer skills.

    - An opportunity to join a successful international recruiting firm and work in an international environment;
    - Attractive compensation;
    - Full benefits package.

    This is an exciting opportunity in fast paced, friendly environment, that absolutely appreciates and rewards great employees! (putem include in loc de Career Path) 

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