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Belgium (Brussels). Warehouse operative


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Data publicării: 25.03.2019

Belgium (Brussels).

Warehouse operative: Work in this industry varies from basic operative work to roles that require the operation of machinery, or the ability to assist other operatives in the warehouse, assist with storage or product labeling, and maintain records.

You can take a look to video when you click on the link below:


About the details and conditions for the candidates in this job:

·                     Weekly contract for 38 hours

·                     Overtime will be paid against 150% (After 38 hours)

·                     Wage per hour is €14,31 per hour (First 38 hours)

·                     English speaking and writing skilled

·                     Health insurance €9,- per month

·                     Housing €100,- per week (2 persons per room)

·                     Free transport to work and back home

·                     Providing food-card to use in supermarket, with a weekly credit of €10,-

·                     Working in 2 shifts

·                     Picking by hand scanning

·                     Providing protecting cloting for extremely cold conditions by the company.

·                     It’s a legal placement, so  U will get Social Security number, insurance at working place and  Bank account.

·                     We can offer placement service for EU citizens only (EU passports).




Locație job

  • Studii: Fără studii
  • Experiență: fără experiență
  • Salariu: 14000 - 15000 lei
  • Program de lucru: Full-time

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